Abundance: What really is it?


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In 3 John 2  John writes about prosperity.  He says that “I pray that you prosper and be in health, as your soul prospers.”  That means that to get to the prosperity of wealth and health you first have to be concerned about your soul’s prosperity.  How does that work?  Well your spirit feeds off of the word like a plant feeds off water and nutrients.  When you supply the plant with what it needs, it grows.  Hence, since the Word of God is compared to water, then as we read the word of God, think about it, and take it in, our spirit begins to be effected and subsequently grows.

So the bottom line is that as you read the word and get closer to God, you begin to see changes in yourself and you begin to see God prosper you as God enjoys the prosperity of his servants.


Watch how simple prosperity can be

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Gospel of Abundance

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