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The Easiest Video Pagebuilder ever made!

Instant Video Pages is simply what it sounds like, a convenient and simple video pagebuilder. When I think of a pagebuilder I think of a clunky, complicated pagebuilder that you can use on wordpress or in the cloud. I have seen many times that software developers, or vendors, seem to want to wow the customers, and they do. Often, you want to rush in and get the latest and greatest. They make it seem so easy. Yet, that’s because they have been working with it for months and are used to it.

When You get the product you are all excited and then you start running into difficulties. You can’t remember how to do this, and you get confused about the myriad of options. You struggle to keep figuring it out and then finally you get burned out as you realize it will take forever before you will get used to it. You try and try again to make it work, but you always seem to get lost and finally you begin to visit the software less and then never again!

When I went into the software I saw there was not much to learn. In fact there were only three training videos! I thought at first, that might not be enough, but then after going through the training and working with the software, I had a page up in minutes. There was no muss or fuss. That is what I like. Give me something I can use, that I doesn’t seem like I have to take a college class to get it.

I found that you can do background videos, surrounding your main video. You can change the color and texture of your video page. You can even add a timer to add scarcity to your sale! For those who are advanced you can add custom code as well. Yet, you don’t need to be advanced to use this.

If I could start over again I would start with software like this and keep using it. Why work hard, why not work smart!

If I could sum it all up and talk about the thing I most like about this product and the thing I don’t like about this product it would be the following: I like the simplicity and the ease of use and the speed at which I can set up pages to sell products. The only thing I did not like about this product is the fact that when you set up your page you have to save it, then view it afterward to see if it is the way you like it. It would be nice if you could preview it before you move out of the editing area for the page. But if you can live with that then you will be quite satisfied with the speed at which you can get things done.

Time is a commodity in business and to do business efficiently and quickly is one of the keys to business success.

If you need more info or want to see a demo of the product just watch the video above. If you like what you see, just click on the button below and you will be taken to the sales page.



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