My Story

The Story of my Journey into the World of Online Marketing**


As I tell this story my intent is to both inspire and encourage those who have been set back by obstacles and circumstances, whether they are physical or mental.  I was born in February 1974 in San Antonio, Texas. When I was born, there were delivery complications (Umbilical Cord was wrapped around my neck).  So the doctors told my mother that I was going to be mentally challenged.  Growing up was not so easy for me.  I was the youngest, and I had difficulties during my childhood because of the complications at birth. As a result, I had a hard time getting my balance and coordination together, specifically; moving my legs, grabbing things, and other coordination activities that people normally don’t even think about.  I had to go class just to learn how to move!   As an example, when I was about three or four years of age I had to go to therapy just so I could learn how to walk and dress myself. As I continued to grow up, I was subdued with a lot of personal discouragement, that seemed quite hopeless at times.  On top of this my parents got separated when I was ten!  Sadly, up to the separation, I was surrounded by them with a lot of their fighting, which did not do me any good at all.  One of my family members would always tell me that “I was never going to be anything”.   At the very least I was saddled with a very low self esteem as a young man.  During this time, my father worked as a custodian for a high school, and during the summer breaks he would take me to work with him.  I would watch as my Father and his help would have to take all the furniture out of the classrooms, strip and wax the floors, which was pretty hard work!  My father always told me to work hard in school, at my grades, so that I can obtain a good job.


My parents and I would always visit the lake and go fishing.  I enjoyed fishing because it was relaxing, and it gave me time to speak to my father about what was going on in my life.  I really enjoyed looking up into the night sky.  I loved being outdoors, because it gave me a sense of nature, and I found myself wondering and marveling at what God had created, so beautiful and so full of life. At ten I went to go live with my father and his previous wife, that he returned to after the separation. This is when, I myself started getting into doing wilder things, such as smoking and drinking.  My Mom always instilled a sense of God in my life, but I did not have a personal relationship with him.  In the church I grew up in, we learned the basic things about God, but we never read the bible. The only things we would read were set prayers written in pamphlets. When I started reading the bible, I was amazed, because when I saw a particular verse it changed my life. Here is the verse: [Gen 1:27 KJV] 27 “So God created man in his [own] image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them”.  When I read this verse a whole new understanding came into my life,  and I realized that the family member who told me I would never be anything turned out to be very wrong. It was with this new confidence that then I pushed myself to be the best that I could be.

Before I came to this wondrous epiphany that I stated above, I finished high school, but did not do anything with my life till I decided to get serious and go find a good church, where the bible is really taught. I found a church called Believers Christian Center and have been there since 1998. The door opened up for me to go to St Philips College and I earned a Certificate in Office System Technology.  Not only did I graduate, but I had a GPA {grade point average} of just under 4.0!  After graduating college, I started working for a bank working in their credit card area. At the church where I serve, I met my good friend and colleague James Regan, who introduced me to Online Marketing.  With my background in Office Systems Technology, I thought it would be interesting to challenge my self once again, and see what my present skills would bring to the table in the Online Marketing world.  I remember going to eat at a Denny’s one day with him after church and he showed me a newsletter that he was working on.  He told me that he been doing this for a couple of years.  I can remember myself saying out loud in response  “boy it would be great to get into that” and he got surprised.  So he proceeded to take me under his wings and started showing me what he knew and thus was the beginning of my Internet Marketing Journey. Presently, I now have skills in Video Editing, Graphic Editing, performing screencast training and webinars, marketing products, and authoring Christian video e-books, called Viddybooks.  I have also experience as a Youth Pastor, and preach regularly in the main church at Believers Christian Center.  I believe in reviewing products because there are many software products that people can benefit from, and when I see something good, I like talking about it.

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