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Snapishop: A Shop That You Can Set Up In A Snap [review]



I found Snapishop and easy to learn and easy to use store that takes mere photos from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram and converts them into products that you can tweak and begin to sell.

Snapishop takes pictures that are on you social media and allows you to monetize them in a simple and easy way.  You are able to customize each product to your liking in your store. You are also able to create multiple stores and the front end comes with a Commercial License.

With a Commercial License you can create multiple stores. I found that not only can you create stores with your products in there that you want to promote, but you can also pull in products from sites like Alibabas, Best Buy, Amazon, and Ebay. You can pick the products that are selling well and make them a part of your store’s available stock.

I see that Snapishop is designed to be an alternative to higher priced stores like Shopify. Instead of paying a recurring hefty price by using Shopify, you can set up your own shop in a snap for a relatively low one time cost. Once you get things set up which is not too long at all you will begin promoting your products right away.

As an added feature,, Snapishop, comes with a stock of photos that you can edit, you can upload your own photos, and then edit them in a full pledge photo editor, allowing you to tweak the photo in the way that you want to get you the best results.


Pro:  Easy to Use Store, Easy learning curve, Easy to set up, Shopify alternative at a one off cost. It takes photos from Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter and adds them as products. The app allows you to add any descriptive data easily, set the price, and even sell products from other major outlets. It has a full pledge photo editor if you want to upload your own photo to be used as a product, or you can choose from Snapishop’s library of photos.

Cons:   I had to tweak the banner for the store some so it would not sit behind the products but above them. I think they could have made it so the products and banner never intermingled, but it was manageable and fixable with a small tweak. I found this negative small in comparison to the positives in the software and ease of use.



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