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Vidyz is a Simple, Easy to Use Video Hosting Platform,with Call to Actions and other Goodies, that You could very well say bye bye to Youtube and Vimeo.

When Watching Video You can Expand the Video by Clicking Button on Upper Right of Video





Upon Entering the Front End version of Vidyz I noticed a few things right away. I noticed how easy the platform was to use. I noticed that the vendor had several videos that explained fully how to use the product. I also noticed on the front end that there were only 10 videos that you could upload. The upload size of each video was up to 250 mb which was good, as that is a lot of video as far as size, but the number of videos that you can create was a little bit of a limit for me. The way to work around this limit is to use each video for present launches and then retire the video when done with launch or your need for it and then place it on youtube or vimeo. This will then free up the Vidyz video space for an upcoming new launch or new product or training, etc. You would be essentially rotating videos so that you could keep your best foot forward on the present videos. However, if you purchase the oto that allows unlimited videos that problem is solved.

Once you have uploaded your video, which I noticed was quite fast, you then go to the “my video” section and then you can look for the edit button which is to the right and looks like a box with a pencil in it. The other buttons there on right are view, integrate video, and delete. On the far left of the video is the stat button which keeps track of the stats of where they are, and how long the video is watched.




Once you have uploaded the Video you can then set the settings of that Video by clicking on the edit button which is the box with the pencil on it. Your can then change the name of your Video, add a Video Thumbnail, redirect the video to a website or url on end of the video.

You can make the Video Public which will allow you to get a Video page and link to share video. The public button also brings your other videos that you have done on page. On the video page you can also share with Facebook and Twitter.

On the bottom of the settings tab, there is a dropdown toggle for slides. If you notice there is a “My Slides” button in the next image. This will then take you to an area where you choose to create a new slide. This is where the most creativity and variety in Vidyz is found. You can bring in all sorts of images, buttons, backgrounds, autoresponder code, word art, and clip art. The slide feature is a brilliant use of space as it literally is a mini sales page! You can add timers, paypal buttons (fe), and jvzoo affiliate (Video redirect) right from the video. That means you can purchase things right from the video! You then can in the settings of the video, choose which slide you want to use for that video, and then insert the time in the “show time” area. The only thing to be concerned with is to make sure you select the exact time minutes and seconds for when you want the slide to show up.


What this means is you can run your video and at a selected time your call to action appears on the slide with whatever you have designed it with.


There are a few otos, the prices are in an image below, but the one that you will have to make the decision on is the monthly hosting (this may have a one time price) which will extend the amount of videos and the functionality of the videos, including the ability to create GIFs!

Conclusion: What I liked most about this product is the functionality, especially with the slides and general ease of use of this product. What I did not like about this product is the limitation of 10 videos on the front end. I am thinking maybe 20-25 videos would be about right. I have contacted the vendor on this, hopefully it will be added to the front end. Overall the product’s ease of use, its versatility, and the fact that it takes you away from Youtube’s advertisement makes this an effective tool in your business arsenal.

It also gives you a sense of protection because if your Youtube Channel gets shut down for no reason or explanation, which happened to me last week, that really is a drag! I got the video channel back but if not I would have lost control of all my videos. What a bad feeling that is. With Vidyz your prospects and customers can easily watch and enjoy your videos in peace without the distraction. I just found out the evening before that there will be a way to get unlimited hosting for your videos, so no more Youtube, no more Vimeo, no more recurring fee if you get the one time offer! I also am aware that the vendor intends to keep improving the product as time goes on.

If you need further details you can check out the demo video above. If you believe this product might be something you want in your business. Click on the button below. (Also notice the bonuses. One of them is an easy to use online store where you can market and deliver your product, and it is free). Plus the Vendors have a huge bonus they are offer.

Bonus #1 Access123 for Free!

I must be nuts or something was in my juice but I am giving away here a software that I just reviewed. This is a perfect combination to Vidyz as you can use Vidyz to market your books or products. Then right in this easy to use Access123 store you can display and deliver that same product. Pick up your copy before I get second thoughts about this.

Upon Purchase, bonuses 2 & 3 will be found in the jvzoo bonus button area. If not please shoot me over an email so I can deliver you all three of these bonuses!



Note: Please allow 24-48 hours for us to set you up with your Access123 account before sending your email inquiry as we have to manually enter you into the software. We should have it done in that time frame and we will send your access to you.


Bonus #2 
Gutenberg is Fun

WordPress 5.0 is upgrading their editor with Gutenberg. It is actually fairly easy to use, however, at first glance it can feel quite intimidating. Why fumble and stumble for a few months when you can just learn it it easy steps and then apply it.

Bonus #3:
Graphic Design With Crello

Graphic Design with Crello is a Training that helps you unlock your design abilities with Crello. Crello is a free platform where you can design just about anything. Design bookcovers, presentations, gift cards, banners, facebook covers, just about anything you can think of.

Vendor Bonuses.
These bonuses will be given out from this launch. According to one of the two these will be front end bonuses. Wow, that is 10 more bonuses. These are not just any bonuses these are mostly software and some of them are valuable. For instance when Profit Canvas first came out if you got the front end and the OTOs it cost you $400.00. The price is lower now but the value is still there. Brett is a software developer, he sees a problem then he fixes it. Each software solves a particular problem in marketing. For instance I used link master myself in sharing my links because you can customize links to look the way you want them to look. This is a mega bonus! Don’t miss out.


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A quick note about the reviews I do on this site. The product vendors give me access to their products for free in order for me to do my review. However I make no promises to them regarding the results of my tests or what I will write in my review. Should you click a link that takes you to a sales page for a paid product for sale this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to invest in it.

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