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Want to really understand Youtube like you need to? Now you can with Youtube my Business. [PLR]



It is one thing to be able to add a Video to your Youtube Channel. You might get some clicks and some reviews but what if you could really understand the things behind Youtube? The trends, the strategy, how you put together and effective Youtube Channel. What if you could put Youtube Tips and Tricks into your own advertising?

What I saw when looking at the Youtube my business PLR is that first it is a PLR. What is PLR? PLR is a product that has what is know as “Private Label Rights”. This means not only can you use the product for yourself and your own business needs, you can also; sell it, modify it, repurpose it and even create a whole new product with it. It gives you a great starting point for creating products. For instance, you might want to teach about YouTube but you don’t know really how to bring your teaching and training together or how to begin. With PLR you have a starting point, like it’s a ready made template for your product creation. You can turn a low costing PLR product into a higher priced product that you created with your own brand and name on it.

The second thing I noticed is that it was not only covering Youtube itself, but more importantly, focused on strategies, and ways of using Youtube that could put you ahead of the crowd. Things like Youtube Seo, Youtube Advertising, How to build an audience, How to construct a Youtube Video that gets people to watch all the way to the end!

I think this is a very important feature as it gets people to stay engaged with your video to the end. It is our job to teach people, educate, help them understand about whatever it is we are promoting. It is important to capture their attention, get them to subscribe to your channel and keep coming back for more. How do you do that? You do it by being consistent, and by offering value to your customers so that when they ever hear of your name or your brand they know something good is coming. As soon as they see it they will jump.

In the Front end offer there is a very complete guide which focuses on how to use Youtube to your advantage, not just talking about how to use Youtube. It is over 12 chapters in length to bring your Youtubing to the next level. In the first one time offer (oto1) it will expand that guide and give you videos and audios as well. The front end is about $10 bucks and the upgrade is around $30.

Here is a photo of what you will get with Youtube my Business:


Pros – A very well thought out guide to take you through all the steps behind developing your Your You Tube Channel, including strategies, seo, how to get people to watch your video until the end and many more. I believe it you apply this information correctly you could become well known, almost like your own little T.V. channel. After all the standard T.V. and the way media occurs, YouTube is the new T.V. Why not it be yours!

Cons: I would have like to seen a better treatment for the Youtube Channel with respect to using Youtube itself included. It did touch on it some but it would have been nice to have more, which means this is focused primarily on strategy, tactics, advertisement and getting your YouTube Channel to become more engaged, out in front of the crowd.

If you need more information watch the video above or Click the Link Below.


A perfect compliment to Youtube My Business. This Video Training Course will help you learn Crello which is an easy free platform to make slides and graphics. You can then make really cool Youtube Thumbnail Slides!


If you you have a WordPress site, they are now upgrading to Gutenberg. When I first upgraded my WordPress to WordPress 5.0, it got real difficult for me and I could barely figure it out. After watching Gutenberg is fun video training, it was a breeze.

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